Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Round up update :)


Gillian recently finished this little jacket and we all loved the buttons as well as the colour combination.


She finished this jacket in the past week which she has now knitted twice. Every inch of it is pattern with no plain knitting in it. We also loved the buttons she chose for it.
Jean had rush job as she was given a gift of this necklace from a friend and found that she had ripped out wool which matches it. She is  hoped to finish the jumper by the time she was going to meet her friend!

 And Aileen made these cute baby face cloths and socks for her boss, who is expecting her 2nd little boy.


Aileen has been asked to help out with a HUGE charity knit/crochet project...

Starbucks Bothwell Street, Glasgow, are trying to raise £12,000 to pay for a kidney dialysis machine for KidneyKids Scotland And they have asked her to help.

To help encourage people to donate they are trying to knit/crochet a scarf the length of Bothwell Street - 0.2miles or 321.9 metres!  So how can you help? 
 Well you could either knit(or crochet) a section (long or short, every bit helps). All we ask is that it is:

  • 40 sts wide
  • Double knit (UK) Worsted/8ply (US/AUS)
  • 4mm/size 8 needles (UK), size 6 (US)

OR if you have DK yarn your don’t want any more you could pop it in the post or drop it off in store (Bothwell St Store only please), for others to work with.  Please send your scarf sections or yarn donations, along with a name and Town/state/country to:
  Starbucks Bothwell St. BigKnit
33 Bothwell St
Flat Basement
G2 6AU

And if you are feeling really generous, here is the JustGiving link for donations:  

Please help us towards this worthwhile and once the year is over the plan is to remake the scarf into blankets & scarves to donate to a local homeless charity. We are all doing our bit with several sections already ben finished and added to the scarf. Watch this space for updates on it's growing length!


And in relation to the Big Knit... This will be our 5th year running so we are planning a little party. Unfortunatetly we can make it this or next month but on the 4th May we will be going to Starbucks Bothwell Street for 10.30am to have a knitting party, cake and to work on the Big Knit Scarf. Please come along and join us :)


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