Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry Xmas!!

We Would like to wish all our friends a Good New Year - 2014 will no doubt be an eventful year for us here in Scotland!

Xmas knitting

These photos were taken a few weeks ago but for obvious reasons we could not post them on the Blog as they were Christmas presents.

This photo is only a section of an unusual and stunning shawl which Aileen knitted for her mother.

And here is Irene, Aileens Mum, wearing her new shawl.

Aileen also knitted bunting as a Christmas present for her father to decorate his hut with.

And Aileen also knitted and then coloured these socks for her sister!

Here is a 'in progress' shot!

We hope to share more pictures of Xmas pressies knitted/made by the group soon.

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