Monday, 20 May 2013

Better late than never

Apologies for this post going up a little late.
Only a couple of weeks ago the world was shocked to learn that hundreds died when a factory in India collapsed containing more than a thousand poorly paid
workers making cheap clothes for the U.K. market.
This also brought to mind a conversation we had had about the cost of hand knitting a jumper versus the mass manufacture of the clothing industry.
A few months ago Jean timed the knitting of two jumpers at a steady pace. The timer was stopped when she started to slow down. The true cost of hand-knitted garments are –

This jumper in 4 ply was knitted entirely in rib which takes a lot more time that stocking stitch.
The yarn used was 7 x 50g Rowan Cashsoft at £5.75 per ball = £40.25.
Time taken was 62 hours. If the hourly rate was £6 per hour then that is £372.00.
Total cost = £412.25.

This jumper was in double knitting with a very simple cable-type pattern. It took only 31 hours to complete yet the cost was £222.00.
Yarn- 9 balls at £3 each = £36.00 and 31 hours at £6.00 = £186.00. This is the real cost of hand-made jumpers.

The number killed, in the factory mentioned above, rose to almost 1,500.
That we are all fortunate enough to craft as a hobby and in safe surroundings we should all be truly thankful for.
Keep on crafting! x
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  1. This is certainly food for thought!

    Lovely jumpers btw!