Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Not just Knitting....

It is now February and at long last the days are getting longer. What is so good about this Group is that everyone is doing something completely different such as Margaret knitting tiny wee jumpers for an unborn baby; Aileen has just finished crocheting a multi-coloured baby blanket (shown below) which is also for an unborn baby and is now concentrating on beading.  Jean is still plodding on with a jumper which she only knits at the group and it has been ongoing for 24 weeks!  Gillian was knitting a hat and of course we look forward to seeing how that turns out.   Julie is continuing with a long-term project of crocheting squares for a blanket but every so often she takes a break and crochets something else.

The most interesting project of all which we have been watching over the past few weeks is seeing the progress Janette is making with her Mackintosh Window (quilting/embroidery) project which we all hope she finishes in time for an exhibition.   This is stunning and we hope to be able to get a good photo of it for this site when it is finished.  

As you will see – it is not just Knitting but any Craft


Aileens Crocheted baby Blanket.

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