Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sunday 4th March 2012

Yes I'm late. Got 2 sickies in the house that needed looking after so please bear with me.

Ok, just very quickly, Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th March is the Creative Stitches and Hobbycrafts fair at the SECC (me too skint to go - boo hoo) so pop along and you just might find a bargain! And if you're going on the Saturday... keep your peepers out for our Aileen!

Ok, finishes:

Janette's Pretty Picture

Pretty Picture by Janette. I adore this!

Crochet Hat by Doreen

Doreen's crochet hat.

On the needles/etc:

Aileen - Lace heart socks
Doreen - Crochet Shawl
Julie - Cardigan
Margaret - Jumper
Gillian - Baby Waistcoat
Janette - Embroidery
Jean - Jumper
Rosemary - Short Row Scarf
Me - Cable Throw (centre section)

See you all next time (won't be so late next time!)

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