Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunday 26th February 2012

 Hello everyone!  OOPS! Blog is late again and I do apologise!

Only a few us today, but lots got done (eventually) and lots more chatter.  Gillian... how did it go on Monday with your 'non' fancy design? lol

Got a lovely email from Jean during the week.  Jean and Margaret had a good conversation about how long it would take to knit an item.  We'll all find out soon enough.  Jean has now started a ladies long sleeved jumper in DK and has looked out a digital timer.  While counting stitches or if stitches get dropped the timer will be switched off so that the only stitches that count are the ones that are knitted.  I would love to find out the outcome of this.... GO JEAN GO!!!!!

There was also a chatter about smoking as I have quit (feels good!) so I had more time on my hands... managed to whip up 6 knitted dolls (pic below).

Janice popped in for a few minutes to have a quick coffee... pity she couldn't stay on.

A couple of finishes this week:

Margaret's Jumper

Margaret has now finished this lovely jumper... I just love these colours!!!!

Emma's Jelly Babies and Superhero

Jelly Babies and a Superhero for my friend who is an officialk fundraiser for Help the Heroes

On the needles/hooks:

Margaret - Baby Cardigan
Gillian - Baby Waistcoat
Jean - Jumper
Julie - Cardigan
Doreen - Crochet Shawl
Me - Cable Throw

Gillian!!!!  Where's the pics??? lol

Until next time... Keep Calm and Carry On Knitting!

- Emma

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