Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sunday 5th February 2012

Good morning all!  Emma here. My apologies for the lateness of this post.

Well, on Sunday we got another new member.  I would like to say a warm welcome to Rosemary!  Hope to see you there again soon!

Lots of chat with a couple of finishes to show.  Chat was actually about how thick people can be.  I know it may not have been appropriate conversation but we were talking about nice things too :)

A couple of finishes to show to you :-)

Doreen's Crocheted Cowl

 This is beautiful.  Margaret and I couldn't tell if it was crocheted or knitted!  We had to ask! :-0

Rosemary's Wee Doll (flower basket was a hit!)

Such a cute wee dolly.  I think we liked the flower basket.  Little flowers were so intricate.

On the needles and hooks:

Doreen: Crochet Cowl
Aileen: Lace socks
Gillian: Baby's Waistcoat
Margaret: Cross Over Style Pullover
Rosemary: Phone Holder
Jean: Sorry Jean, forogt to ask before you left :-(
Me: Slouchy Hat (the second one).

Until next week my friends.

Emma out!

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