Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sunday 19th February 2012


Nice turnout again this morning.  It's really good to see us all together. 

Janette got her new phone with her Orange phone fund which she is very pleased about, and quite rightly so. Her goldwork piece is coming along really well.  I can't wait to see it completed. 

Margaret ran out of yarn needed for the little cardigan she was knitting.  She's using different shades of pink and didn't have the third shade to continue.  I'm pretty sure Watt Bros. came to the rescue though :)

Two pictures of finishes this week... I would love to see more completed projects so bring them in ladies and I'll get the pics up!

Fingerless Gloves

Aileen's fingerless gloves for hubby... even though he says his fingers are still cold.  No pleasing men is there Aileen? lol

Baby Socks

Baby socks knitted up from the free kit from this months issue of Let's Knit.  Socks on the left on straight needles and socks on the right on DPN's (my first project on DPN's I might add.... probably why the feet are too long... lol).

On the needles/Hooks/Frames this week is:

Margaret - Baby Cardigan
Gillian - Baby Waistcoat
Rosemary - Seaweed Scarf
Aileen - Lace Heart Socks
Jean - Jumper
Me - Jelly Babies
Julie - Cardigan
Doreen - Crochet Shawl

Until next week my readers!

- Emma xxx

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