Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday 12th February 2012

Big turnout this morning!  It was great to see you all there!

Lots of chat this morning. Plenty of natter about everything and nothing really.  Rosemary brought a pattern book in of glamourous knits.  It had some gorgeous patterns including a bra! It did have some stunning projects though, may be worth a read.

Everyone was very chatty, it was good to see more of us there and being busy.

Finishes this week:

Emma's Stitchable Journal & Keepsake Box

I did this quick project to take a wee knitting break.

Fiona in her hat

This hat was finished by myself last weekend (modeled by the recipient).

Toni in her hat

 I also finished this one Monday (also modeled by the recipient).

Julie's 'Pink' Panther

 Julie's done a great job with this 'pink panther'.  I thought he was brilliant!

Julie's Cowl, completed this morning

Was on the needles when Julie arrived and completed this mornoing :)

Julie's Baby Waistcoat, also completed this morning

Gillian has finally finished the baby waistcoat, this was also on the needles when she arrived. :)

Gillian, I'm only jealous of your ability to make your own buttons! ;-p

On the needles/hooks:

Rosemary - Cable Hat
Aileen - Fingerless Gloves
Gillian - Baby Waistcoat (see above)
Doreen - Crochet Practice of Colonial Ripple
Jean - A Jumper (Jean, it'll look lovely, you'll see :-D)
Margaret - White Jumper with different coloured chevron stripes
Julie - Cowl (also see above)
Me - Cable Throw

Until next week.... :)

Night night


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  1. Emma-

    Thank you for posting a picture of your finished Stitchable Journal and Keepsake box projects. I hope you enjoyed our kit. You did a lovely job with the stitching!

    Best Regards,

    Amy Holbrook
    AMH Design Contemporary Needlepoint