Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday 28th January 2012

Hello again!

Emma here.  Lovely wee morning in the group this morning. 6 of us attended today and I'm not sure if we done more chatting or more crafting!

Lots of talking about mobiles and tariffs.  Gillian showed some beautiful photo's of a 400 year old table she had restored, so simplistic, yet just beautiful... the kind of table you would find in the kitchen of a castle in Tudor times.

Finishes (yaayyy):

Fingerless Gloves by Aileen for Janette

 I just love these Gloves... The colourway is just so funky!

Felted Critters by Gillian

 Janette honey, it's not a real one!!!

Beaded Hairband by Margaret

Coat For Kaylee by Me (Emma)

I adore the use of the beads in this project.

This is for my youngest daughter, slightly too big but so what, "She'll grow in to it".

On the needles/embroidery frame:

Aileen - Lace Heart Socks
Janette - Goldwork Piece
Me - Slouchy Hat
Julie - Baby Cardigan (for Theodora)
Margaret - Hairband
Gillian - Baby Waistcoat

Have a great week everyone, see you next time!

- Emma

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