Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sunday 27th Feb

We had our busiest day at Cafe Nero so far, with 9 of us there. We did have to shuffle up a bit to make room but we were all very cosy!

Julie gave us a very pretty handmade card as a thanks for the wedding present:

Also we were discussing the fact that the groups 'birthday' is on 7th March. I cant believe the group is 2 years old already, it only seems like yesterday that I joined a few ladies knitting in the basement of Borders ... *sniff* a borders how we miss you!

Anyway we have decided to have a Birthday/late Xmas Lunch on Sat 12th at Cafe Wander at 1pm. All are welcome to join, and there will be cake :)

One finish this week, my owl socks:

These are a present for my sister, Lorraine, who has 2 owls as pets (a Bengal Eagle owl and a Barn owl) The socks are knitted in Opal Eule (barn owl) coloured sock yarn and have beads for the owls eyes. This was my 1st time really doing cables of any sort.

  • Me - Orange cabled 'Apple' gloves
  • Janette - Gold hand quilted piece
  • Gillian - Green crocheted phone case
  • Avalon - Purple Crocheted scarf
  • margaret - Blue/sea coloured Cardi front section
  • Tracy - Hand embroidery based on a russian foltale for an exhibition
  • Julie - Cream Socks
  • Doreen - scarf on Thai knitting loom (attempt 2)
  • Donna - Blue/white self striping yarn baby blanket

Next Sunday the Creative Stitches fair is on at the SECC so many of the group will not be there on Sunday 6th March. You are of course still wecome to go along to Cafe Nero, please just be aware that the attendance may be thin on the ground!

Again dont forget the Birthday Lunch on Sat 12th at Cafe Wander at 1pm. And of course mettings will be back to normal on Sunday 13th March.

See you xx

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