Friday, 25 February 2011

Sunday 20th Feb

Well we seem to be settiling into Cafe Nero very well - we are even starting to encourage the staff to start knitting too!

The lovely Juile came back from her honeymoon in Florida with her new hubbie Doug. Janette and I had collaborated together and made her a small had quilted/embroidered cushion in her wedding colours.

We borrowed the heart stencil from the front of Juile's evening invitations. Janette hand quilted the heart in each corner...

and I hand embroidered it in the centre...

We have another new friend who joined us today, Avalon. Originally from California, she is mainly a crocheter, although there is a plan afoot to teach her to knit too. She found out about the group through my Craftster post.

  • Janette - Celtic gold hand quilting
  • Margaret - Blue knitted cardi (for my Mum)
  • Me - Owl Sock #2
  • Romy - Floral embroidery and white knitted bed jacket
  • Doreen - embroidery surprise
  • Avalon - Purple crocheted scarf/ hood.
See you next week. bye x

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