Thursday, 11 March 2010

Our 1st Birthday – PARTY!


This Sunday we had the groups 1st birthday party and it was great fun. We had all the ingredients for a fantastic party – party games, party hats, a yummy chocolate cake and all our friends.


The cake was made and decorated by our own Cafe Wander – and didn’t they do really well. They even had one of their girls, Victoria, knit the little sample to make a finishing touch.Turns out Victoria works Sundays so that’s why she has never joined our group. However she did come over for a chat when she was on her lunch today, which was great as we could thank her.

I mentioned we had party games for which we have to send great thanks to Valerie (Janette’s mum). Val wasn’t able to join us today  but she certainly helped to make a great party. We had ‘Guess how many buttons in the jar’, ‘Pass the parcel’ and a really challenging Birthday Quiz.

In fact the Quiz was so challenging that silence reigned for about half an hour till we all decided we needed to knit and rest our brains! We decided to leave giving the answers to the quiz until next Sunday to allow everyone a good chance to puzzle it out.

Tracy won the Button jar with her guess only 7 buttons away from the real total.

We also have to thank Victoria again for ably helping us play ‘Pass the parcel’ – she was our ‘music’! (by standing with her back to us and randomly shouting stop she helped us play). We had a great laugh and I’m sure the other people in the cafe thought we were just as funny.


As you can see Margaret finally won. her prize is a knitted bag kit complete with handles.


As Janette is the only person who has been in the group from the very start it fell to her to cut the cake – and it was really scrummy :)




We did have time to have some finishes as well as partying. These are socks I was making for my sister. She loves them and, I’m glad to say they fit perfectly.



As I’ve had a week off work I also managed to finally finish this X-stitch needle book kit that I started about 4/5 years ago.



Adding to our Cosy Caps total Janette has knitted this super soft and adorable cap, and I knitted the 3 leaves as decoration at he request.


Janice has also got into the swing of things by making these 4 caps as well.




Romy has also finished her cabled sweater and her snood.


  • Me -  New pair entrelac socks for my Mum
  • Janette – white /white cot top (so nearly finished)
  • Donna – silver-grey lacy gloves
  • Janice – purple scarf
  • Romy – embroidered table runner
  • Gillian - ‘Fake fair isle’ jumper
  • Margaret – Pink & white baby cardi
  • Tracey -  Guinea Pig X-stitch
  • Doreen – sewing up red cardi.

I wont be there next Sunday so Tracey will be doing the blog and bringing the final results of the Birthday Quiz. Good luck.

A x

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