Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's day meet

Today, for Mothering Sunday, we had a record (I think?) of three mother & daughter pairings attending the group! We also had a very impressive array of projects on the go, from entrelac knitting to Japanese inspired embroidery!

The majority of us had spent the week attempting to crack the birthday anagram quiz set by Valerie. Congratulations to Janette who won, with a very respectable score of 13. Thank you to Val for setting the quiz, it was great fun, and a thank you for Janette for generously sharing the choccies!

Speaking of prizes, you may remember that last week Margaret won the knitted bag kit in the pass the parcel. And by this week the bag had been completed!

This weeks WIPS...

  • Doreen - Denim tweed tunic
  • Margaret - Entrelac cushion cover
  • Gillian - 'Fake Fair Isle' jumper
  • Karen - Green socks
  • Margaret - Baby jacket
  • Val - Sashiko quilt squares
  • Janette - Quilt for Sara, with some great love heart fleece!
  • Donna - Fingerless gloves
  • Me - Guinea pig cross stitch. And for fun, here is Fletch looking very unimpressed about this!
This is the first time I have done this blog post, and one thing I have learnt is that my photography skills are pretty atrocious!

Have a good week everyone, love Tracey.


  1. Photographs look great - i dont know what you are talking about !

    Looks like you all had a great day, sorry I couldnt be there