Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year, New Start?

Ok, so life and the holidays kind of took over and I have fallen behind (again) with the weekly blog update.

Never mind. In the interest of having a clean start to the new year I am simply going to post up the photos I have taken at the last 2 meets. We did manage to keep meeting over the holiday period with only 1 Sunday off.



Tracey managed to knit the match to the above hand-warmer at one of the meetings. This was a good thing as they were a Xmas gift that had to be posted the following day!

She also showed of her new treat for herself :


Her new tattoos – these are a button for her love of crafting and an atomic symbol for her love of all things Science.


I also managed to finish the Xmas present I was working on…a pair of “Awesome Socks” for my Hubbie.



Unfortunately, as this was my 1st time doing Fair Isle (and because I used the wrong combination of Yarns) they did not fit going on when I have them to him. As you can see from the stretching of the cuffs I have tried to make them fit, but to no avail. He still said he loved them, and even suggested that I frog them and used the yarn for something else. Well I’m not ready to do that just yet! So this project will just have to sit a while.


On a more successful note Gillian has been beading again and this time her mum, Margaret T, has been joining in too.

This is Gillian’s lovely necklace:


And this is Margaret's:


Margaret has cleverly re-used an antique clasp on her necklace giving it a wonderful Vintage twist.


Take care all, see you next week.

A x

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