Friday, 15 January 2010

Busy Day



We had our busiest day of the year so far  - ok so it’s only our 2nd meeting of the year, but anyway!

We also had a slight hiccup in that Starbucks was late in opening. One of their staff was running late – she even came up to us afterward and apologised !  So in the meantime we adjourned to Subway for some hot tea & coffee as it was still bitterly cold and icy.



Two finishes this week, both finished during the meet – one of which was started there as well.

Tracy crocheted (from start to finish) this cute little mouse from a free pattern on Ravelry.



And Irene finished this embroidered 4” square. This is part of an Embroiderers Guild project where square of different rainbow colours are decorated and then hung together in a display to show the various and varied styles of embroidery within the Guild.



This Weeks WIPs

  • Donna – Yellow crocheted Baby Blanket
  • Irene – Orange embroidered square
  • Janette – White on white quilted cot top
  • Romy – Cabled cardigan and a dabble with “popcorn” yarn
  • Tracey – Crocheted Mouse
  • Margaret T  - Red Ribbed Hat
  • Gillian – Childs Knitted Bolero
  • Me – Frogging & knitting a chunky cream hat for my dad.


see you next week :)

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  1. Good luck in your new home. Carolyn, who owns the cafe, is lovely. Might pop along on Sunday if I can. x