Sunday, 24 January 2010

All change :)

Its been a busy 2 weeks so I will try to keep this short but sweet :)

Sunday 17th January

We had a new friend join us today. Erin had seen the group on and decided she would join in the fun.

Here she is with Gillian (sorry the pic is blurry) showing one of the great things about the group – everyone is willing to help out and share their wisdom.





Lorraine (my big sis) has decided to start a new charitable effort and she would like our help.

The idea is to make hats suitable for a person undergoing Chemotherapy – Men or Women of all ages. The hats must be soft on the skin and easy to wash/care for. I think it is a fantastic idea and I am planning on making a few hats myself.

I have started collecting a few simple hat patterns free on the web as there are many about:

Please think about de-stashing some of your soft yarns into a worthwhile project.





Gillian and Margaret T have both been busy. Gillian knitted this sweet pink baby jacket and matching hat and Margaret has knitted these 2 hats for the Cosy Caps Project.


This Weeks WIPs

  • Erin – a circular knitted hat in a green/brown variegated yarn
  • Me – a lilac sparkle, sweetheart-neckline jumper
  • Doreen – Red & white baby cardigan
  • Margaret T. – black ribbed hat for Cosy Caps

Sunday 24th January

Today was a busy and eventful day in many ways, First off we had our largest attendance ever this year with 10 friends in total. Another new friend decided to join us today – Janice who is a fellow member of the Glasgow Branch of the Embroiderers Guild to myself, Irene and Tracey.


Secondly have decided to move. Whilst we do love Starbucks (and all their yummy goodies) the lighting and temperature levels have both proved to be too low to work comfortably in. So at the suggestion of the lovely Janette we are moving to Cafe Wander, just round the corner in West George Street. They have a much brighter and warmer seating area and said they would gladly welcome us as Sunday mornings are quiet for them.

A few of us checked it out for lunch after today's meeting and can report that service was excellent and the food was delicious.


There were no finishes this week, but Janette did amaze us all with the news that in her sponsored sew she managed and incredible 126 patches an hour. She was raising money for Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society (Europe) who are looking to fund a conference. See HERE for more information.


This Weeks WIPs

  • Doreen – Red & White baby cardi
  • Janice – light purple lacy scarf
  • Irene – research for a new embroidery project
  • Donna – lilac baby’s hat
  • Gillian – finishing a cream baby cardigan
  • Lorraine – (another bl**dy) scarf  - or ‘undoing macramé’ as she called it today when her yarn got all tangled in the hank.
  • Valerie – a X-Stitch of sweet Peas (which is 4 years old now)
  • Margaret T – Entralac Cushion Cover
  • Me – lilac sparkle jumper

See you all on 31st at Cafe Wander!  A x

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you all at the *new* venue - and trying out the cakes!