Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Change of Venue

Hi all

With the very sad news that Central Glasgow Borders maybe closing I have decided to try and find a new location for us to meet if we want this group to continue for now.  I hope that Borders will remain open and if it does we can move back there once things have calmed down a little.

I have spoken with the staff at the Starbucks in Nelson Mandela Place and they say they are happy if we want to meet there. There is a lovely cosy corner with good lighting and soft chairs (at the back of the store if you enter from Nelson Mandela Place side). They too are open at 10am on Sundays and say that although they cannot guarantee the seating till 1pm, if we are buying food & drinks we are welcome to stay.  There will be no charge for using the space for our meetings.

Here is the Starbucks page showing where the store is:
Starbucks Map Here


I hope we can continue to meet over the festive period (it’s a good way to escape the stress!) but we might have to take it a week at a time.

A x


  1. HI Everyone,
    I read your blog frequently and am sad that you guys may have lost Borders. Is the Starbucks far from Borders?
    Hope all is well with all of you and that preparing for the holidays is not too stressful.
    Karen (from the US)

  2. Hi Karen

    Great to hear fron you :D

    No, the new Starbucks venue is only about 1/2 minute walk further up the street from Borders. It's quite nice and roomy so we should be ok there.

    Love to all the family. Happy Holidays!