Thursday, 15 October 2009

Two for the Price of One

Well life kind of got in the way last week so this is a round up of both last Sunday and the Sunday before. Sorry guys


Sunday 4th Oct

We had a very full group as we were joined by Margaret W. again. Also  my sister,Lorraine and my Mum, Irene came along too.


That Weeks WIPS

  • Irene – The Space and Stars inspired embroidery
  • Janette – Pastel coloured colonial Knot work piece (now with sparkly Beads)
  • Lorraine – A Scarf knitted in (the now infamous) Sirdar Snowflake yarn
  • Doreen – Cream cabled Baby hooded cardigan
  • Gillian – Sea green/white knitted baby blanket
  • Margaret T. – Kilt socks #2 and #3
  • Margaret W. – crochet white baby blanket
  • Donna – X-stitch Bookmark & another knitted ladybird in Snowflake
  • Me – Still working on the entrelac scarf


Sunday 11th Oct

A much quieter Sunday with just a few of us chatting and knitting (or in my case staring into space tiredly!)

We decided that as we are fast approaching the Holiday season and some of the group have started work on presents that I will replace the WIP with the following image:   gift2


I hope to be able to have a gallery of all the finished pieces after the Holidays are over.


Our 9th Finish


Doreen has finished her adorable hooded Baby Cardigan with cables. She also chose the most adorable buttons which have two little bunnies on them.


This weeks WIPS

  • Janette – White/white quilted cot top – now on to the butterflies
  • Doreen –   gift2

  • Gillian – Sea green/white knitted baby blanket
  • Margaret T. – Kilt socks #2 and #3
  • Donna –  Started on a Knitted Pudsey bear
  • Me – Still working on the entrelac scarf
  • I won’t be at the next Sunday meet as I'm going to be away in far flung Dingwall for the weekend, but I shall be there the following week. I have also heard from our travelling Tracey who has now returned safe from her trip to Canada and she will also be returning to the group soon.




    1. Hi Everyone, It is Karen (Sarah's mom) from the USA. I am just trying this to see if it works and if it does I will write more. I am not a genius with blogging (or computers for that matter)

    2. it worked and here is a real message.

      Hello Everyone. I LOVE reading the blog and seeing what everyone is working on...some of which I actually saw in real life and it is neat to see your progress. I am still working on my sweater (jumper?) and have the body and one sleeve done. I am starting the other sleeve and then will put it all on the same (very long) circular needle and knit the yoke,etc. If I ever figure out how to put pics on maybe I can put it on when I am done. My daughter who is still at home can maybe show me. Anyway, I loved seeing Gillian's yarn after our discussion about are inspiring me. I may have found someone to help me. I will let you know. Sarah (my Sarah) is doing well. She really likes it in Scotland and the work is piling on at school but she says she will stop down to see you guys. I was wondering if any of you had heard of The website is great. Go on and become a member and look through the website. I just found out about it and it is really neat. You have to go and try is hard to explain. It is all about knitting and crocheting. I put in the sweater I was making and the lady I bought the wool from (as she spins and dyes it at home and has a small cottage industry) and all the people who are registered at that site and are making that sweater came up...some are doing different colors and some have changed the pattern,etc.etc. Just go on and let me know how you like it. After that big long talk you guys are probably already on it!!! Anyway, I have to run, but fill me in on any news that you may have. Your cupcakes sounded delicious a few weeks ago and made me want to go bake some.
      Talk to you soon,
      Karen (Sarah's mum. Haha)