Thursday, 1 October 2009

My Sincere apologies

I would first of all like to offer my apologies for a belated Very Happy Birthday to Gillian. It was her Birthday last Monday and due to some health problems on my part I did not manage to post in time to wish her a happy day from all of the group. Sorry Gillian

I would also like to welcome Margaret W. to the group. She joined us for the 1st time on Sunday. She is hoping to develop her knitting skills away from her little boy who is at the “get-into-everything” stage – which is making knitting impossible!

Our 7th and a ‘Half an 8th’ Finishes


Showing yet another skill in the group, Gillian has just finished spinning this hank which will probably be the first of three. It is pure Alpaca spun from 2 un-dyed whole fleeces, one cream and the other a caramel/toffee colour. She says she is thinking of spinning the next two in single colours to give her a interesting mix with which to work.



Now why, I hear you say, have I said that this is our ‘Half an 8th’ finish? Well this is the lovely white cot top blanket that Margaret T. (our 1st Margaret) has just finished knitting – but it is only half done as she is intending on edging and backing it with some lovely satin to make a shnugly blanket for the winter.


This Weeks WIPS

  • Janette – work is still progressing on the white/white quilted cot top. Again I have to apologise as in my last post I implied that it was nearly finished – I meant that the centre section was nearly finished. Janette still has to complete the Celtic butterflies in each corner, one of which she started this meeting.
  • Margaret W – Margaret is learning to knit using the most delicious combination of purple sparkle and plain black eyelash yarn. So far we all agree she is doing fantastically well.
  • Gillian – Work was being progressed in Gillian’s corner on both a cream Tunisian crocheted blanket and a sea green/white baby blanket.
  • Margaret T – The ripple knitted top continues to grow in waves of pale pink, white, raspberry, moss and pale green.
  • Doreen  -  the white and pastel coloured baby cabled cardigan look nearly finished to me on Sunday.
  • Me -  and I am still working away at my rainbow coloured Entralac scarf.

We can confirm that Valerie has retuned from America safely but was  recovering from her trip (and the cost of the excess baggage in fabric she brought back from the sound of it!)

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