Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Friends from Far and Near

On Sunday we were the busiest we have ever been - we even had to send for more chairs...twice!

Our new members were Karen who joins us for the day from the US. Her daughter Sarah aslo popped by to say "Hi". If you look a few posts back you will see that Sarah contacted us as she is starting at Glasgow Uni this week and her Mum joined her to get her settled in. Karen very generously brought a huge bag of yarn and needlework items to share with the group that she was clearing from her stash. Thank you Karen! It was great having one of our American knitting sisters join us.

Aslo joining us were Liz and Laura. Liz saw the Groups posters up in Borders whilst she was chasing her children and thought she come along and bring Laura too.

We didnt have any finishes this week but everyone was busy chatting ,laughing and knitting - just it should be. In fact we were so busy chatting we didnt even notice the music for once!
This weeks WIPs
    • Irene - Work is progressing on Irene's Space-inspired freeform embroidery. The group were also all inspired by the pictures Irene had downloaded that had been taken by the Hubble telescope.
    • Janette - Janette split her time between her white on white cot top and another white piece with pastel coloured colonial knots.
    • Karen - Karen brought along her jewel-coloured striped jumper she was working on. She also brought across a pair of Norwegian mittens she had been working on but they nearly didnt survive Customs men and their dislike of knitting needles!
    • Doreen - Doreen was still working on her white baby Cardi.
    • Tracey - Tracey was working on finishing a cross-stitched peice for a freind who is moving away.
    • Donna - Aslo working on finishing her cross-stitch Donna managed to complete her piece on Sunday, but wanted to wait til after it is framed to have it photographed.
    • Margaret - Margaret was working on her white blanket which is looking bigger every week.
    • Laura - Laura started a lilac knitted cat blanket today. She and Liz are members of the Cat Protection League.
    • Liz - Liz was working on a green Baby Cardi (At least i think thats what my notes say. Sorry if thats wrong Liz)
    • Me - despite saying I wouldnt start anything new .... I did. I began an entralac rainbow coloured scarf using 7 different balls of free yarn I got from two different Magazines.

            Lastly I would like to wish Janette a very Happy Birthday this week from the whole group. Hope you have a great one! Hugs from all of us.

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