Monday, 21 September 2009

Chocolate and chatting

We had a lovely time this Sunday. As it was Janettes birthday the week before I made some scrummy Chocolate cupcakes. Everyone tucked into them with some going back for 2nds (and even 3rds!)

We were back to our more normal numbers as Valerie is still away in Quilt Show Heaven (America), Donna had a family christening and Liz & Laura were away at a Cats Protection League meeting.

Our 5th & 6th Finishes

This is the fantastic card that Tracey designed and stitched for a friend who is moving away. Apparenly they all used to drink at the West Bar where they brew German Beer. Her friend is the one looking worse for wear on the table.

This lovely little pullover was knitted byGillian for her Nephew. Isnt it lovely and bright :)

This Weeks WIPs
  • Janette - White on white cot top and Colonial Knot quilting are both nearly finished
  • Doreen - Pale pasted varigated white baby cardi
  • Gillian - Tunisian crocheted blanket in a creamy yellow
  • Margaret - Ripple wave knitted stash buster
  • Tracey - Work continues on the blue Ribbed Jumper
  • Irene - Also working in blue, the "star stuff" inspire embroidery is beginning to sparkle
  • Me - Entralac rainbow scarf.

The group have all also asked me to post a huge Thank You to Karen for her incredibly generous gifts she brought last week. Everyone has been so happy with the new additions to their craft stashes and were buzzing with new ideas.

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