Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Best foot forward!

It seems like a long time since I have posted. I'm told last Sunday (30/8/09) was very quiet with only 4 Snb-ers in Borders. Meanwhile Gillian & I had a great time at the Bead fair.

It was kinda quiet again this Sunday but it was nice to be back.

Our Third and Fourth Finish

Doreen has now finished her cream, baby Cardigan in the Snowflake yarn. Unfortunatly the picture isnt very clear but she has added the lovely finishing touchs of an appliqued elephant and little buttons.

I finally got my Happy Toe Socks finished! They took much sweat and tears (and no small amount of swearing) but I am really happy with them. They are only the 2nd pair of socks I have made and I am happy to report they are vey comfortable :)

This Weeks WIPs

  • Janette - The white on white cot top is coming on leaps and bounds - no small feat considering the only times she works on this is on sunday mornings.

  • Doreen - Having finished the cream Cardi, doreen has now started a lovely baby cardigan.
  • Gillian - Gillian is now on to her third striped baby cardigan in bold colours, with a matching hat.
  • Donna - Today Donna was working on finishing a sweet cross-stitch of some cartoon baby animals. I think this might be a gift for her Sister, but I'm not sure.
  • Margaret - Margaret continues to work on the white blanket squares, some of which she has started to sew together already.
  • Me - I decided to pick up and carry on an embroidered table cloth that i have been working on and off on for the last few years.

Valerie was not with us today as she was leaving for a dream trip to America where she will be meeting and staying with several other Quilters. Safe travels Val :D

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