Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wet and Windy

It was a bit of a wet start today as the weather very grey and damp, but it was brightened by Gillian when she was told us that on the way in she and Margaret saw a Council worker watering the plants in Sauchihall street - in the middle of the rain! Only in Glasgow - Dedicated Council worker we salute you!

We were joined today by Maria, Tracey's mum, as she was visiting whilst on holiday. She has got to be the fastest crocheter I have ever seen as she turned out at least 6 of the following during the morning:

This will eventually sewn together to make a baby blanket backed with the rainbow fleece shown next to it.

Our Second Finish

The day was further brightened the three sunny faces shown above. This is our second finish for the group - the Bug Buddies knitted by Donna in the Snowflake yarn.

Here they are from above showing the ever-so-cute pastel colours she used. I believe these are going to good home with various freinds of Donna's who are about to have or have had babies this year. Well done Donna

This Weeks WIPS
  • Gillian - Sewing up the lovely striped baby cardigan she finished over the week
  • Tracey - Embroidering a wildlife scene taken from her own drawings and sketches. The finished piece is part of this online exhibition
  • Maria -Two colour Crochet squares for a baby blanket
  • Margaret - Sock 2 of a pair of kilt socks (the grateful cry of "I've finished the leg!" was heard to echo through Borders today!)
  • Donna - Finished off her Bug Buddies shown above
  • Doreen - A lovely, bright pink, cabled headband to tame her unruly hair!
  • Me - Socks as usual -still trying to finish the toe socks off.

Janette and Valerie were not with us today as they were away at the Birmingham Quilt Fest, and Irene was recovering from having re-arranging and streamlining her dressing room yesterday.

Next week neither I or Gillian will be there as we will be away enjoying the Scottish Bead fair - although Gillian will just be a visitor and I will actually be working on Mrs Magootys stand. However I do hope to have a post as someone very kindly will be taking notes for me :D

See you soon

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