Sunday, 9 August 2009

Quiet Day

It was a nice quiet day today (except for Borders choice in music!) with everyone getting on with their projects. We have a new member today - Doreen (third from right above) had seen our posters up and decided to come join us. She was working on a cream, fluffy baby jumper - even though she hates the yarn she's working with!

Above is a photo of the group today, with some of the many items that have been finished at the group over the last few months. They include a fine cobweb shawl by Gillian, a hand quilted cushion top just finished by Janette and a pair of 'Awesome Socks' by myself.

Left to right we have Tracey, Me (Aileen), Irene (my mum), Janette, Doreen, Gillian and Margaret (Gillian's mum). We would also normally have Jeanette's mum Valerie, Donna and Carolyne but they were all busy elsewhere.

Today we were:
  • Janette - a white on white Celtic knot hand quilting

  • Irere - was busy removing some beads from (bought) cardigan to improve it

  • Doreen - knitting a fluffy, cream baby jumper

  • Gillian - was working on some beading she stared the day before at a Bead group.

  • Margaret - making more knitted, white squares for an ongoing blanket project

  • Tracey - working some more of the 10 1/2" ribbed knitted jumper in deep blue she is making for herself

  • and I was weaving the ends of one sock and starting the mate for a pair of varigated socks with toes.

More next week :)

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