Monday, 17 August 2009

A moment of panic!

There was much laughter as always this Sunday - as well as some small excitement.

Disaster was avoided by the timely repair Tracy's circular needles which snapped while she was working her Blue Ribbed top. Thanks to Gillian's quick thinking, and the useful supply of 1/4inch masking tape from Janette there was a happy ending.

Donna retuned to us and was happy to be back (although I think she misses being on holiday!) and Doreen once again joined us. As it turns out the 'Fluffy' yarn which Doreen is using for her WIP is the same Snowflake yarn Donna is knitting some cute, pastel coloured toys with, so Donna was able to confirm that if "you just stick with it" it would work out alright in the end.

Gillian also had the exciting news that she has sold the beaded necklace and bracelet set she recently finished. (See here)

Our First Finish

This is the beautiful hand quilted cushion top that was finished by Janette last week (and that I forgot to photograph!) This her first hand-quilted piece and therefore she is not going to part with this. And for those inquiring minds - yes, the back is as neat as the front!

Never being the one to shrink from a challenge her next hand-quilted piece she is working on is the before-mentioned "White on White Celtic Knot" blanket top - a piece she is being paid for in the cost of the coffees she buys whilst making it!

This Weeks WIPS:

  • Janette - white/white hand-quilting
  • Doreen - Cream and fluffy baby cardigan (restarted after last week because all our chatting made her lose count whilst casting on! Sorry Doreen)
  • Donna - a lilac and pink fluffy ladybird. This is the last in a set of cute, stuffy insects in pastel colours she has been working on for the last few weeks
  • Gillian - A Stripy baby cardigan in cream, chocolate, berry and blue
  • Margaret - Sock 2 of a cream kilt sock for a family member. It should also be noted that the wool she is knitting in was spun by Gillian.
  • Tracey - The Blue Ribbed Top is steadily adding the inches
  • Me - Still working on my socks from last week.

Valerie and Irene had to miss this week as Val was at church and Irene was at a New Orleans Jazz concert.

**Coming soon** I have decided to start a Work In Progress Feature. Once a month or so I will focus on one piece being worked upon, why and how it is being made and for whom. So watch this space :D

See you all next week


  1. Hello! My mom and I will be traveling to Glasgow from the United States on Sept 9. I'm moving to begin veterinary school at the University of Glasgow, and my mom is coming with me for a week to help me get settled. She's an avid knitter and would LOVE to spend some time visiting local knitting stores and knitting. She's very excited about it. I was unable to find a contact email for the group, but if possible, would someone please be able to email me back with information about local knitting stores? Also, would she be able to join you to knit for a few hours on that Sunday? She's coming all that way to help me get settled and it will be stressful trying to do so, and then having to say goodbye, so I'd love for her to be able to just relax a bit while she's there. I'll also occasionally have orientation programs that week so she's looking for things to do while I'm busy. Thank you so much! Sarah

  2. So pretty, Janette is so talented!